Personal Development

We should be improving the various areas of our lives through personal development. There are many forms of improvement we can apply to the different areas.

There are various aspects of my life that I am seeking to unravel, financial, mental, physical and others. Each one will require a different set of tools.


One tool for unravelling your life financially is to set yourself a budget and stick with it. While the act of setting a budget isn’t personal development, going along and sticking to it is itself the personal development.

There are many ways for setting a budget, everyone has their own methods, but one that I found useful is Cait Flanders method. There are other ways as well, shared by Carrie Nicholson of Careful Cents.

We have prepared a weekly budget to make sure that we cover not only the bare essentials of life but also allowing us to start paying down our debts quicker so we can move to a debt free life.

Once I have automated our budget spreadsheet, I plan to make it available for all.


There is one aspect of life that some of us truly struggle with, and that is mental. We all get caught up looking after everyone else before we look after ourselves. We often dive head first into a depressive state that we have trouble getting out of.

I know that is where I am at the moment. I have made sure that everyone else comes first, often to the detriment of myself, and have ended up in a funk that I am struggling to get out of.

One tool that I have used is to just distract myself with work and the like. That isn’t a good tool to use, you are just hiding from the real solution.

A tool that I have found useful is to F*ck Feelings. To not let me emotions get the better of me. Again that does not address the situation, but you learn that you can’t control every situation.

You may feel that hiding by diving into work, or ignoring your emotions isn’t personal development, but I feel that it is, you are learning to do something new that will help you in life. It may not seem like much, but helping yourself mentally is a huge step.

Mental health is one of the biggest problems facing the world at the moment, especially in the developed world. If we are all down in the dumps, dragging our feet, it is difficult for the world to move forward.

Improving ourselves mentally, removing the negative thoughts is one tool in my personal development cache.


I find getting physical a challenge, not because of my body shape or weight, but because it is mental. I have a challenge sticking with anything for any more than a few days. How to get over that funk is anybody’s guess.

One tool is to find a training partner. Now that is my biggest hurdle so far, no one that I know who is already attending a gym is interested in following the program that I am following.

While I don’t wish to place my failure in the hands of others, one of the biggest motivators of people is other people doing the same. Now how can I stay motivated when I don’t feel a draw to the gym?

Other people are motivated by the results they see when their bodies start changing shape, the few attempts I made at the gym saw no changes to my body at all. Maybe there were but I didn’t see them. That has been my biggest struggle to date with gym motivation.

I use other people, but when it comes down to it, I have not seen the results I had hoped or any other results at all. I only have myself to blame.

So I would like some personal development in the form of trusting myself and the program I am following even if I do not see some results. I feel that trusting myself would lead to some significant increases in personal development.


There are multiple methods for personal development. Each of them can be used in many ways and each of them applies to different aspects of unravelling your life.

While this may not have been the most comprehensive review of my personal development, I hope that it has provided some insight into ways that can help you.