The 80-20 Rule

The 80-20 rule, otherwise known as Pareto’s Principle. This principle is based on the “rule of thumb” that 80% of your results are generated and come from 20% of the inputs. It was originally based around business, where 80% of a business’ income comes from 20% of their customers/clients. I feel that this will also apply to others areas of life.

I suspect that 80% of my weight-loss results (or lack thereof) comes from 20% of my diet, and that 80% of my unhappiness comes from 20% of the things that I worry about, as well as 80% of my output at work comes from 20% of my time in the office. Sometimes the percentages are not necessarily 80% and 20%, but may be 90% and 10% instead, but the principle still applies.

This is something that I would like to work on. I would like to learn how to cut the 20% of causes for 80% of my unhappiness. If I could do that, I could certainly be happier person overall.

I would like to learn which 20% of my time leads to the 80% of my output so that I can focus on that area of my work and improve my productivity and output. Then I would be able to do some other tasks that would lead to happiness, such as physical exercise, mindfulness exercise, writing, photography, spending time with family. Just using my time in ways that make me happy. That would be my final goal.

So I now need to look at how I spend my time, not only at work in the office, but also at home so that I can find that 20% or so of my time that leads to the 80% of my output. Once I work that out, I will be a productivity king (or so I hope)!