Converting to Gratitude

We all have times where we are down and would rather been on an emotional high. That is where I am at the moment.

I am just not in a pleasant head-space when it comes to work or life. There are aspects that I enjoy, in particular spending quality time with my daughter, however there are many more aspects that I am not happy with.

One thing that has probably led my head-space to the way that it is, most likely comes from a lack of gratitude for the things that are in my life. A lack of gratitude for the possessions and money that we have, which is greater than the majority of people in the world. This is something that I would like to change. A lot of change I would like to make is mental.

This idea has come from the current introspection that I am working through in my life. I would like to improve the quality of my life in many ways, one of which is mentally.

There is one method I have realised that came about from reading on how to improve the quality of our thoughts comes from adopting a mental attitude of thankfulness. Adopting an attitude of gratitude will help you realise what matters to you most.

I feel that for the last few years, I am focusing on the wrong aspects of life, aspects that are negative and lead me into a negative downward spiral. I know that I need to change my way of thinking, but it is very difficult to change a certain way of thinking. The difficulty in making these changes is that the negative thinking is well ingrained into my psyche.

I am trying a new thing of writing down one thing in my journal that I am thankful for at that very moment. If the wish to write more thankful thoughts come from writing down just one item, I am not allowed to stop myself from writing unless I hit my allocated journalling time.

I would also like to attempt to share my gratitude list here once a month as a summary of my journal gratitude list.

How do you go about changing your thoughts from negative to positive? Have you tried something different from what I am doing? I would love to hear your responses, leave me an email or message via Twitter.