Gym Membership

Gym Membership

I seem to have this mental image that tells me I am ready to start a gym membership, and that I am willing to stick with it for the long-term. Although I know from experience that I will walk away from the gym with little intention of returning for many months.

I have had two gym memberships during my lifetime, and the second of which was the longest. Although during that long membership, I “committed” to go back to the gym probably 3 to 4 times during that period, and each time I lasted about 3 months before giving up for many months afterwards.

So I feel that it is safe to say the I cannot “commit” to a gym membership for anything longer than a 3 to 4 month period, much less stick with a program for that period of time. So in saying that I want to start a new membership, I feel as though I would be wasting my time and money doing so as I will probably fail like the many attempts before.

The same goes for riding my bike along the bike path that is so conveniently located less than 1km from home. I would rather snuggle up under the doona at home than make the trek to the gym or the bike path (which I can ride to from home).

I would rather take the easy option, the option with less reward, the lazy way out. While I am taking the lazy way out, I will constantly whine about my unimpressive body, and whine that nothing has worked, or will work for me. I would rather blame everyone or everything other than my lack of motivation.

My problem is that I know what I should be doing, I know how to do what I should be doing, I just do not have the desire to do what I should be doing. I know that it takes time, but one would think that you may learn to enjoy it after a few months, or at least see results and then stick with it, but I felt that I saw next to no results, and I certainly was not enjoying it.

So where to from here? I wish I knew, I wish I knew how to unravel my life in a way that is enjoyable for a weight loss perspective. Do I just go and get a gym membership and hope for the best, or I do commit to becoming active before going out and getting a new gym membership.