Reading: F*ck Feelings

I started reading a book called F*ck Feelings by psychiatrist Michael Bennett and his daughter Sarah. I am just shy of half way and thought I would write an initial review about my thoughts so far.

I picked up a copy of F*ck Feelings after listening to a podcast from the Art of Manliness website. I was going through a rough mental patch in my life and not only did the title resonate with me, but I had been questioning my thought processes of late. This led to a purchase from The Book Depository.

F*ck Feelings is subtitled with “One shrink’s practical advice for managing all life’s impossible problems.” Sounds like a self-help book, which to a degree it is, although not in the way that many other self-help books are written.

The main piece of advice behind F*ck Feelings is that there are things you can control, and there are things you can not control. You need to only give a damn about those you can control. If you give a damn about those you can not control, you waste energy and time worrying about them.

We should be focusing our efforts and thoughts on things that we can control, that will ultimately bring us fulfilment and happiness. If only letting go of what we can not control was as simple as the message from Michael & Sarah.

So this is my challenge to myself, to learn to stop giving a shit about things that I have no control over. To just accept what I can not control, and only give a damn about the things that I can change. This is certainly a challenge for me, I have cared about the wrong things for too long, and changing my thought patterns requires rewiring my brain neurons.

Let us see how I go with my challenge.

This is a review of a book that I purchased after listening to a podcast from the Art of Manliness.