Introspection on Social Media

As usual I am behind on writing and lacking regularity. However I have been doing some introspection. There are behind the scenes activities happening in my life at the moment that are somewhat personal. I am not sure they are appropriate to discuss here on Unravelling my Life.

The biggest aspect of my introspection is my use of social media. I have been using Twitter, Instagram and other social media accounts in unsavoury ways. My introspection has made me reconsider this use of social media. As a result of my looking inward, I will cease using these accounts in unsavoury ways.

The reason I started Unravelling my Life is to help me decipher the aspects of my life that are holding me back, and trim off the dead wood. This introspection about social media use has made me realise there are aspects of my life which are holding me back from being the man that I should be.

So I hear you say how will you measure success? That is a very good question.

  1. I will delete and deactivate unneccessary social media accounts. If I can not delete the accounts, I will change the password to random characters and delete any reference to those characters;
  2. I will reduce the frequency I access social media. Either by deleting the apps from my phone, or limiting access to those websites to certain times of the day;
  3. I will look at outsourcing my social media account usage to a third party who will post on my behalf. This will reduce the desire to check for updates as I will know when to expect responses rather than checking constantly.

Unfortunately some of these are easily measurable, but others not so much. So I will be doing my damnedest to keep myself true to these objectives.


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