Journal on Paper


This blog is meant to be a journal of how I am improving my life over time. I have not shared much information to date apart form a few snippets about goals and resolutions.

One things I have changed so far is to start a personal journal and document my thoughts. So far I have been working through a list of prompts from the Art of Manliness blog.

While I have not written in it daily as it is suggested. I have written in it most days after eating lunch at work, rather than spending time browsing useless information from the internet.

I would like to write on a daily basis, but let me start one small step at a time. The fact that I have continued to journal for a few weeks is a big achievement for me. One that I hope to continue and improve on.

A few of the prompts have been to write down the negative habits and thoughts that I carry on a daily basis, and I have dropped a few of them into my personal journal so far, a few more I need to process and clarify before putting them to a journal brain dump.

I have found writing down the negativity I want to eliminate extremely cathartic. I want it to continue as I feel that it has been very beneficial to my mental health and there are many more things I need to let go of.

While I am not the most eloquent with words, even the most jumbled of phrases in my journal is enough to help me let go of negativity.

My short term plan at the moment is to continue writing in my journal, while processing thoughts I would like to eliminate and help me move forward as I continue unravelling my life.


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