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Healthy is a way of Life

Many of my previous posts here on Unravelling my Life talk about how I need to improve myself mentally. I need to also focus on becoming a healthy person and unravlling the physical parts of my life.

The most common method people adopt to become healthy is to initially sign up for a gym membership as part of a new years resolutions. However from experience I know that creating a new gym habit does not happen overnight, especially if you are not committed to the goal from the start.

Another method people try to adopt is to start eating healthy overnight. They have one last binge weekend, and then on Monday morning try to change instantly to eat a healthy diet. Again, this will last a week or two before they give up and wander back to their merry ways.

I have a round belly from years of neglect and I have lost fitness along the way. I lose my breath slightly when walking up a set of stairs, or going for a brisk walk. I would love to lose the belly fat and improve my health in general. I now have a daughter who will grow up and see an unhealthy father who struggles to keep up with her as she runs around. I do not want her to witness that.

So it seems that I need to adopt a healthy lifestyle as I unravel my life. One small step at a time it seems. The biggest difference I think will help will be eliminating sugary soft drinks especially at work when I am bored and hanging for a 3pm pick-me-up to get me through the day.

Healthy should be a way of life, and it isn’t at the moment for me. So as I work towards unravelling my life, I will be adding a healthy lifestyle to the mix, one step at a time.


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