Setting Goals


We are now half way through January and I am yet to create any goals for my life for 2016. My guess is that 2016 will be better if I have some goals. Now how do I go about creating goals? That is the hard part.

As I have previously discussed, I find my brain to be my biggest obstacle in my life. I am afraid to make a decision because I am afraid that any decision I make will lead me down the wrong path, or a path that will take me to a place I do not want to be in. I also find that if I were to let another person make a decision on my behalf, I would regret any decision that they make because I wasn’t involved or consulted.

So you can see that creating a well defined goals is a challenge in and of itself.

There are a lot of things I would like to change about my life, I could probably list them forever, however what I seem to lack is the reason behind why I want to complete the goal. I have set many goals in the past (at various times of the year) yet I never define why I want to complete the goal. I think that I will discover the why once I have started the journey, but I will often falter before I discover the why, and have given up.

As I am writing this post, I am contemplating what types of goals I would like to achieve during 2016. They range from fitness and weight loss related, to family related, and even some work and mental related goals can fit in there.

I guess the biggest of all my goals is called “Unravelling my Life.” A journey of removing the unnecessary of my life in order to be a happier and less negative person. While a goal needs to have a deadline, this one doesn’t as it is a life long goal and the subgoals to achieving an “unravelled life” will certainly have deadlines otherwise there will be no progress.

Have you set a goal/s for 2016? Do you even set goals? How have your goals gone in the past? Leave a comment below sharing your thoughts, or join me on Reddit.