Resolutions 2016

New Year Resolutions

Have you set your resolutions for 2016? Will you set resolutions for 2016?  I have not set any as yet, and I will not be setting any. Yes this blog is about unravelling my life, however I do not think they will help the cause.

I have set resolutions in the past, and have often fallen away from the them within a few short weeks of setting them. I think I will be better off setting decent and achievable life goals rather than resolutions once a year.

I have not set my goals for this year yet as I am yet to setup my Bullet Journal for 2016 as yet. I will share my goals once I have had an opportunity to sit down and work out what I would like to achieve throughout 2016 and beyond.

One reason for not setting any resolutions as yet are because of statistics such as these from Statistic Brain. While they are American, I suspect Australia would have similar numbers.  Only 8% of people are successful in achieving it by the end of the year. I don’t wish to continue adding myself to the remaining 92% who do not achieve it. My reason is because I punish myself mentally whenever I fail (probably not the most healthy way of living/thinking).

So I am not setting any resolutions for 2016, but rather achievable and measurable life goals that I would like to sit down and work out is realistic, achievable and putting my life in the correct direction.

In addition to setting realistic goals, I will also need to not punish myself so heavily if I have not achieved them at early as I had hoped, but evaluate what went wrong and learn from my mistakes rather than just giving up altogether. It may not be the right time for that goal just at the moment.

My take away is that I will be setting goals rather than resolutions and that I should not be so hard on myself when I fail to achieve them, but rather evaluating my goals and working towards the new end point.